• Guarantee seeding success on grass waterways
• Installation of all NRCS Conservation Practices
• Consulting on eligibility of CRP/Conservation Practices
• Service after the sale
• We will be with you every step of the way
• Waterway seeding on all NRCS type projects.
• We carry a full line of Native Grass Seed for CRP, filter strips, waterways and all the other projects where Native Grasses are needed.
• We can blend any mix needed for the different programs using Native Grasses.
USDA Certified Contractor
Urban Wildlife Management
• Rain Garden Establishment
• Song Bird Habitat
• General wildlife viewing attraction
• Varmint Control
• Wildflower or Forbs is a major part of our "small seed" program.
• We carry the different blends of Forbs approved for the government programs.
• We also carry single species of wildflowers for any special needs.
• Wildflowers along the border of lawns are easy to look at and reduce mowing time.
• Wildflowers gardens of any size.
Upland Bird Habitat
• Nesting cover
• Brood rearing escape cover
• Shelter belts
Deer & Turkey Habitat Management
We also have a full line of Clover, Grasses and Legume
seed for food plots. We can custom blend any special mix needed for pasture or hay production. All our seed is packaged to the customer's specification.
Water Foul Habitat
• Nesting/Brood rearing
• Wetland Food Plots
• Shallow water pond development
Mid-Contract Maintenance
• All Practices
• Grass strip disc
• Spot spray
• Contained burn
• Trees and repression buffers
• Invasive control
• Mowing and spraying
We believe that when we manage for the species that requires the most diversity, all species receive maximum benefit. In most upland cases that is the Bob White quail.
We have over 20 years of data collected on several types of habitat for deer and turkey. There has been a lot of discoveries along the way, let us help you benefit from our work.
We have managed mostly wood duck habitat in the past 15 years. From the ground up, developing wetlands and working with NRCS agents and programs. If you are considering a wetland on your property, we can help you avoid the headaches and help you through the government paperwork.