Specializing in rare and declining habitat
• Sedge Meadow Restoration
• Shallow Water Wetland Restoration
Assisting Land Owners
• Tired of mowing? We can help you establish a wildflower garden or a complete wildlife habitat area
• We are not here just to sell seeds, we will help
insure your projects success
• We will assist you every step of the way
• The seed bags will have all the information
needed when the seed gets to the field for
planting; customer name, total weight of bag, the
number of acres each bag will plant and bulk pounds
to plant per acre.
• Understanding government programs
• Avoiding Common Challenges
• Hunting lease negotiating
Urban Wildlife Management
• Varmint Control / Trapping Service
• Maximize viewing potential
• Varmint control
• Prairie flower/Wild flower gardens
• Native warm season grass gardens
• Strategic feeder placement for viewing
Assisting land owners, hunting lessee's and clubs
We understand the need to get some dirt under your fingernails. Give us a call and let us help your avoid the common challenges. If your food plots are not producing, we can help. Also we can help guide you through the planning and layout of your own little piece of heaven. After volunteering with QV and PF for a 5 year period (16 years ago), we purchased 300 acres to manage for wildlife, wetlands, timber, and upland. Working with all sorts of federal and state program agencies. You can take advantage of what we have learned. Currently we are assisting several landowners on hundreds of acres for wildlife. The number of acres that we assist with is constantly growing. Many of the landowners are unaware of the financial assistance that is available. Give me a call and let us see if you qualify for money that has been set aside for our critters. Let's always remember that the projects we improve for wildlife today will last long after we are gone.
References Available - Satisfaction Demanded